The Torch 12-27-18

11 Pax sufficiently recovered from their Xmas holiday to report; it was 50 degrees and somewhat moist.

After some warm-up stretches, we did 25 Merkins in cadence (using perfect form), then mosied (sp?) over to the wall and did 15 more perfect Merkins in cadence to prime our arms and shoulders for 20 donkey kicks followed by 20 people’s air air press on the wall for 3 sets.

After the wall exercises, we did an Indian run to Bernie Hill, turning around so as not to leave any men behind.

At Bernie Hill, we partnered up for the BLAME 500, where each team did 100 each of Burpees, Lunges, Air Squats, Merkins, and Elbow Planks (counting to 100 by saying “thousand” in between each number). One partner did the exercise while the other Bernied up the hill.

The Torch – 10/16/18

24 PAX and 2 FNGs (welcome Skeeter and Gus Bus) got better and fought through a Bernie, Burpee, Merkin beat down.

Right out the gate in cadence we did 20 merkins, 20 Ray Lewis, 15 M.Phelps

We then Mosey’d with butt kicks 75 yards then did in cadence 15 mountain climbers.  We continued the mosey with high knees for another 75 yards up a hill and then 15 mountain climbers.  And this is where the fun begins.

We made a run to Bernie hill which consisted of dropping and doing 4 Burpees at every other light pole, 32 in total.  We partnered up when we reached the hill and did a Dora exercise of 100 merkins/200 squats, one partner does merkin/squat other partner runs backwards up the hill.

After Bernie hill we went back to where we started the Burpees but this time at every other light post we did two burpees.  The kicker was at every post we increased the merkin of each burpee from 1 – 8.  PAX appeared a little tired after this so we decided to rest the upper body.

We found a wall where we did a good wall sit, then performed donkey kick offs.  First set of 5 holding 5 on the wall, set of 10 and then 5 again.  PAX loved this one.  We then mosey’d back to the Flag.

We attempted to do Burpee broad jumps but cars were in the way so we finished with a 7 set of Jack Webbs and 30 LBCs.

Great job men!


Cover Your Six Part II – The Torch – 7/24/2018

28 PAX, including 7 FNG’s, posted at The Torch for a cadence, count, and cover the six tutorial part II.

Warm Up

SSHx 30 in cadence

Willie Mays x 15 in cadence

Ray Lewis x 25 in cadence

LBC’s x 50

Mosey to the ball fields for a lap mosey and back to the large field.  Go back for the 6 if necessary. 

Circle up

Merkins x 25

Flutter Kicks x 25 in cadence

Sumo Squats x 35

LBC’s x 50

Merkins x 25

Line up on field ends

Sprint half of field and bear crawl second half.  Come back the same way.


Burpee waterfall (3 burpees)

Sprint field and back to flag

Plank to “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”


Face plant


Hard hat





The Gear

3/3/18.  The Vulcan.


It was fun to bring the gear out again, and get our pump on.  The field was a bit squishy, but the sun was out, the air was crisp and the company was excellent.  With a big group (38 PAX) we did a short warm-up, took two laps, divided into four squads, and descended upon the four stations of 7+ exercises each.  Except for some sprints at the end, we spent the whole morning rotating through stations of dumbbells, jump ropes, bricks, pavers, rocks, ruck plates, flutter kicks, merkins, big boy situps, squats, burpees, etc.   The scheme was designed to rotate through alternating body parts, which seems a great way to limit fatigue, so as to get in MAXIMUM REPS.

I’ll take the rest of this backblast to comment on the topic of…backblasts.  First, thank you to those men who take the time to write back to the PAX, following a workout.  It really doesn’t take too long.  I was able to type in the 38 PAX names in the “tags” field here on WordPress, almost as fast as the names were being spoken in the video name-o-rama I listened to.  I checked out the WordPress stats and the most popular recent backblast was Skeletor’s rather professionally described account of his 2/19 “Block Party”.

Here is something worth keeping in mind about backblasts: take the opportunity to write what you want to write to the PAX.  While the central theme of a backblast is traditionally a recap of the workout, such recap does not necessarily have to be detailed and complete.  You may decide to write a very brief description overall theme of the workout, and fill the space with other observations from the day, such as interesting things discussed there, jokes overheard, or a particularly amusing thing that happened.  It is also a great vehicle for writing to the PAX some thoughts that you might have about F3, what it has meant to you, where you want to see it go next, etc.  If you have the opportunity to read some backblasts from elsewhere in F3 nation, you’ll come across detailed accounts of workouts, but you’ll also be fortunate to read some really deep compositions by some men, and some very entertaining musings by others.

“You can make anything by writing.”
― C.S. Lewis

Saturday’s workout was closed-out with announcements, name-o-rama, and a prayer by Blue Angel.  Welcome FNG Grunt and visitors Torrey Clark and Snots.  I thank you men for Saturday’s opportunity to LEAD.

– Barney Fife


Photo Feb 28, 9 42 25 PM