Brick & Block Escalators

Scene: Monday 9.30.19 0530 hrs
AO: Gloom Mountain
Count: 17
PAX: Paperboy, Headgear, Sloss, Chisel, Knots, TechDeck, Cart Boy, The Flipper, Bates, Saturn, Burger, Alamo, Happy, Fabio, Raji, Johnny, Dunlop
QIC: Dunlop

Monday, end of September, way to freaking hot for this time of year… high around 100 degrees today. 17 strong PAX slung around some blocks and bricks this morning with some light running mixed in… here’s how it all went down:


10 Donkey Kicks IC
20 LBACs forward/back
30 Merkins


PAX number off by 2s:
1s – grab bricks
2s – grab blocks

Mosey to Field / Track… Time for BRICK/BLOCK ESCALATORS

50yd Sprint down and back between each exercise

10 Brick ManMakers
20 Brick Hammers (4-count)
30 Brick Boy Sit-ups
40 Brick Raise Roofs
50 Brick Curls (Each Arm)

Plank for the 6… Mosey 1 lap around track… flapjack

10 Blockees (Block Burpee)
20 Block Bent Over Rows
30 Block Chest Press
40 Little Blockie Crunches
50 Block Goblet Squats

Hold Al Gore for the 6… Mosey 1 lap around track… Mosey back to flag to return blocks and bricks… Mosey over to benches

50 Dips
40 Step-Ups (20/leg)
30 Decline Merkins
20 Flutter Kicks IC
10 Burpees


  • Quick Word for the Day:  Lean on each other, support each other… show up to F3 for the man beside you, not for yourself.
  • Name-O-Rama
  • Announcements: 200 Tuesday on 10/1/19, Rucktoberfest 2019, Special Sunday Workout on 10/6/19 at The Stadium to host Gobbler from F3 Pittsburgh
  • Prayer
  • LEAD on 3!

Extra Value Meal of Pain

Scene: Monday 7.29.19 0530 hrs
AO: Mudd Town
Count: 16
PAX: Sonnie, Beach Boy, Wormer, Edge, Instacart, Planters, MeowMeow, Fudd, Slocumb, Spinnaker, Wrong Turn, Bessy, Woody, Happy, Birkie, Dunlop
QIC: Dunlop

Monday, end of July, slightly cooler than normal, and 16 jacked PAX chowed down on their Monday morning with an Extra Value Meal of Pain… here’s what was on the menu:


  • SSH x30 IC
  • Willie Mays x15 IC
  • Imperial Squat Walkers x20 IC
  • Bat Wings (Seal Claps x15 IC, Overhead Claps x15 IC, LBAC Forward x15, LBAC Backward x15)
  • Plank Jacks x25
  • Merkins x30


2 lines for Bataan Death March (Indian Run + 5 burpees) down to Veterans Park playground… 4-COUNT NUGGETS (PAX number off by 4s):

  • Nugget 1 – Pull ups x20 on monkey bars
  • Nugget 2 – Box jumps x30 on picnic table benches
  • Nugget 3 – Dips x50 on picnic table benches
  • Nugget 4 – Calf raises x75 on curb

Mosey to uphill side of large green field… QUARTER POUNDER:

  • Downhill Sprint 25yds (1st cone),
  • Merkins x25,
  • Uphill Bernie Sanders 25yds back to start.
  • Downhill Sprint 50yds (2nd cone),
  • American Hammers (2-count) x50,
  • Uphill Bernie Sanders 50yds back to start.
  • Downhill Sprint 75yds (3rd cone),
  • Squats x75,
  • Uphill Bernie Sanders 75yds back to start.
  • Downhill Sprint 100yds (4th cone),
  • LBCs x100
  • Uphill Bernie Sanders 100yds back to start.

Mosey back down hill… circle up for ABSOLUTION for dessert:

  • 8-count Groiner, Mahktar N’Diayes, and Chilly Jack x16 IC
  • Each PAX took turn counting, but all PAX did all reps

2 lines for Iron Mike Indian Run (Indian Run + 10 Iron Mikes) back to parking lot… Cool down with ATMs:

  • Shoulder Taps x15 IC
  • Tempo Merkins x10 IC
  • Fast Merkins x10


  • Quick Word for the Day: Every one of us knows someone who needs this… give F3 away! Be on lookout for SadClown’s to Headlock… “The FNG is the lifeblood of F3” (Scam quote)
  • Name-O-Rama
  • Announcements: Dad’s Camp 2019, Dad’s Camp and Merkin Challenge shirt pre-orders
  • Prayer
  • LEAD on 3!

Gloom Mountain – 6/11/2018 – Spider-Man

19 PAX posted at Gloom Mountain for a Spider-Man Dora.  Welcome FNG’s Tumbler & Chubbs

Warm Up

SSH x 30 in cadence

Merkins x 20 

Willie Mays x 20 in cadence

Michael Phelps x 10 in cadence 

Merkins x 20

Squats x 40

Merkins x 20

Mosey to the track

1 mile Indian Run

Mosey to basketball courts and partner up

Spider-Man Dora

100 Merkins

150 Squats

Bear Crawl Dora

200 LBC’s

Burpee-Hops Dora

50 Merkins

sprint up and down Gloom Mountain

10 merkins and 20 LBC’s 

Plank to “you’ll be in my heart”

5 merkins 

Sunrise Stretch 

BEARy good Monday – 5/14/2018

17 PAX bear crawled all over Gloom Mountain.  Welcome FNG’s Drama and Hooch.  Beaker from Johnson City made a guest appearance as well.

Warm Up

SSH x 30

Merkins x 29

Willie Mays x 20

Merkins x 10

Ray Lewis x 20

Burpees x 15

Mosey to Simmons back lot

PAX partner up for a Dora

 (Bear Crawl Up Hill and Crawl Bear Down Hill)

  1. 100 Merkins
  2. 100 Squats

Mosey to Gloom Mountain (keep partners)

PAX runs Gloom Mountain while other exercises until first PAX returns then switch  

  1. Burpees
  2. Big Boy Sit Ups

All Bear Crawl Gloom Mountain then mosey to the turf

Plank to “You’re Welcome” – Moana

Sunrise Stretch

2 Miles of Pain – the Forum – 5/10/2018

18 PAX hit The Forum for 2 miles of pain with Ping.

Warm Up

SSX x 30

Merkins x 20

Willie Mays x 20

Burpees x 10

One Lap Indian Run

PAX exercise at 5 points on track

  1. Pull Ups x 10
  2. Burpees x 10
  3. Merkins x 20
  4. Squats x 30
  5. LBC’s x 40

Repeat until Q calls time (3 laps today)

Plank to “Under the Sea”

Sunrise Stretch

Getting Swoll and Leadership – The Forum 4-14-18

This was the 2nd Saturday Work-Out at the Forum and YHC wanted to make sure that everyone felt as thought they got their money’s worth. There was a threat of rain, but 12 men showed up determined to get better and get swoll. We welcomed our FNG and I shared a quick thought about F3 being more than a work-out and a mechanism to reinvigorate male leadership in the community.

The Warm-UP

SSH x 25

Merkins x 25

Squats x 25

Diamond Merkins x 20

Ray Lewis’s x 20

The Thang

Mosey’d to the track where we paired up. One Pax ran backwards, the other Pax did 21 Merkins and then ran to his partner. The pairs alternated running backwards and we counted the merkins down by 2. At the conclusion, as the Pax was catching their breath, we lunged over to the hill by the stairs. I recommended a short course of Quadrophilia (running up the hill backwards, running down forwards). After about 5 minutes of Quadrophilia, we started with bear crawls up, 10 decline merkins, and crawl bears down the hill. YHC realized that we hadn’t done any ab work yet, so at the top of the hill we did a couple sets of flutter kicks and incline LBC’s. YHC then recommended that we head to the tennis courts for a set of BLIMPS (Burpees, Lunges, Imperial Walkers, Merkins, Plank-Jacks, Squats) to the far side of the court. At that point, the Pax was a little tired but still motivated so we circled back to the parking lot to finish with my favorite exercise….Jack Webb’s. A hard set of 10 and we circled up for name-o-rama. We welcomed FNG Achilles and concluded with a C.O.T.



The Gear

3/3/18.  The Vulcan.


It was fun to bring the gear out again, and get our pump on.  The field was a bit squishy, but the sun was out, the air was crisp and the company was excellent.  With a big group (38 PAX) we did a short warm-up, took two laps, divided into four squads, and descended upon the four stations of 7+ exercises each.  Except for some sprints at the end, we spent the whole morning rotating through stations of dumbbells, jump ropes, bricks, pavers, rocks, ruck plates, flutter kicks, merkins, big boy situps, squats, burpees, etc.   The scheme was designed to rotate through alternating body parts, which seems a great way to limit fatigue, so as to get in MAXIMUM REPS.

I’ll take the rest of this backblast to comment on the topic of…backblasts.  First, thank you to those men who take the time to write back to the PAX, following a workout.  It really doesn’t take too long.  I was able to type in the 38 PAX names in the “tags” field here on WordPress, almost as fast as the names were being spoken in the video name-o-rama I listened to.  I checked out the WordPress stats and the most popular recent backblast was Skeletor’s rather professionally described account of his 2/19 “Block Party”.

Here is something worth keeping in mind about backblasts: take the opportunity to write what you want to write to the PAX.  While the central theme of a backblast is traditionally a recap of the workout, such recap does not necessarily have to be detailed and complete.  You may decide to write a very brief description overall theme of the workout, and fill the space with other observations from the day, such as interesting things discussed there, jokes overheard, or a particularly amusing thing that happened.  It is also a great vehicle for writing to the PAX some thoughts that you might have about F3, what it has meant to you, where you want to see it go next, etc.  If you have the opportunity to read some backblasts from elsewhere in F3 nation, you’ll come across detailed accounts of workouts, but you’ll also be fortunate to read some really deep compositions by some men, and some very entertaining musings by others.

“You can make anything by writing.”
― C.S. Lewis

Saturday’s workout was closed-out with announcements, name-o-rama, and a prayer by Blue Angel.  Welcome FNG Grunt and visitors Torrey Clark and Snots.  I thank you men for Saturday’s opportunity to LEAD.

– Barney Fife


Photo Feb 28, 9 42 25 PM

Just Keep Breathing – February 26, 2018

When I first started F3, there were two things I learned quickly:

  1. Dora’s are hard
  2. Just keep moving (including breathing)

When I met F3 Rabbit at Spartan, I figured out that he likes running uphill, thus my VQ had to mash-up Dora and uphill.

10 PAX and 1 FNG braved the rain and got better together

Obligatory Disclaimer Given (don’t sue me)

Warm Up

Bear crawls around the ampitheatreIC: Side-Straddle Hops
IC: Imperial Walkers
IC: Merkins
IC: Shoulder Taps

Mozy to Mountain Brook Village

OYO: Big Boy Situps
IC: Squats
OYO: Big Boy Situps

Mozy to Rabbit’s Hill

50 Burpees
100 Lunges
150 Merkins
IC: 20 Merkins

Mozy to MBES

IC: Dips
IC: Incline Merkins
OYO: Step-Ups
OYO: Jump-Ups

In honor of Scam
IC: Flutter Kicks (not riding a bike!)


Name-O-Rama (we got really close to giving KneePad an awesome F3 name)
Prayer to wrap up

2-12 At Gloom Mountain

9 Pax hit the gloom this morning at the Mountain. Weather was crisp but spirits were high.

YHC was inspired by Sparrow’s workout on Saturday and spent some time with the Lexicon to try and spice up the workout today. I think it was a decent effort and I hope some of you enjoyed the variety. Here it is in abbreviated form.


SSH – 25

Imperial Walker’s – 25

Little Baby Arm Circles – 25
Prisoner Squat’s – 25
Plank Jack’s – 25
The Thang
Mosey to Simmons Upper Parking Lot
Ascending Bear Crawls with Ascending Derkins to 10
-There was a duck-walk modification added on by Fife
Blimps – Burpees (5), Lunges (10), Imperial Walkers (15), Merkins (20), Plank Jack’s (25), Squat’s 30
-2 sets
Mosey down to the lower parking lot
Hill Stuff – the Pax split into groups and sprinted up and down the hill
Mosey to the Parking Lot
Dips on the benches – 25
Incline Merkins – 25
Curb Jumps – 25
Batman and Robin’s (Back to back wall sits)
Flutter Kicks
Circle of Trust

2-10-2018 Sparrow’s Insecticide

What doesn’t kill you can kill your friends.

Welcome Dilbert.

Disclaimer: don’t hurt yourself.

2018-02-10 07.34.39

All Gone Pest Control


20 reps of each of these:
The first exercise is: Side Straddle Hop. Starting Position. Move. In Cadence.
The next exercise is, Prisoner squats Starting Position. Move. In cadence, down up on my command
The next exercise is, Ray Lewis Starting Position. Move. In Cadence.
The next exercise is, The Merkin Starting Position. Move. In Cadence. down up on my command
The next exercise is, Big Boy Sit-ups on your own
The next exercise is, The 21 (21 side straddle hops with a silent count. Hands need to slap on your sides in unison on the last count, or there’s punishment).
The next exercise is, 10 Burpees on your own, since the Q finished late on the 21.
The next exercise is, The Sparrow (Big boy sit up but come all the way up so that your arms can wrap your knees) Starting Position. Move. In Cadence. (Down up on my command)
The next exercise is, Crab cakes Starting Position. Move. On your own.
The next exercise is, Werewolf (just 10)- Start in a plank, downward dog to face up at the moon. Similar to dive bomber.

The next exercise is, Groiner – start in a plank, lunge up so that your legs are outside and even with your hands, then lunge back.

Mosey two laps. Talkers in the front, non-talkers in the back

Form two lines:

Indian Lunge Weave – spread out in a long line and lunge to the other side of the park. The last person in line (the indian) runs toward the front, but weaves through the PAX like cones.

Tunnel of Love (worm in the dirt style)
Bridge of Hate (crowd surfing)

Dying Cockroach (20) (lie on back touch opposing hand to knees
Jimmy Cricket (10)(four limb pop-up merkin.)
Dying Cockroach (20)
Jimmy Cricket (10)
Jimmy Cricket (5)

Crab vs bear teams (soccer or Braveheart)

Whamo lung walk – On Pax throws a frisbee and everyone sprints in that direction. When it lands, everyone lunge walks until you get to the frisbee. Repeat.


The next exercise is, The Dip (20) Starting Position. Move. In cadence, down up on my command
The next exercise is, Decline pushups (10) Starting Position. Move. In cadence, down up on my command
The next exercise is, The Dip (15) Starting Position. Move. In cadence, down up on my command

The next exercise is, Declined pushups (10) Starting Position. Move. In cadence, down up on my command
The next exercise is, The Dip (10) Starting Position. Move. In cadence, down up on my command

Ask the PAX to pick one. They picked:
Duck Joust (knock each other over from a duck walk position)

Dora: You do Merkins while your partner runs, then switch 100 pushups total.
Marine Merkin Circle: Your feet on the next guys back. Form a circle or a line.

The Jack Web (5)
40 Flutter Kicks

Squirkin (partnered decline merkin + Squat).

Circle up. Name o Rama. FNGs. Announcements. Prayer. Lead on 3.