Yoke Walk @ Gloom Mountain – 10/9/2017

7 PAX yoke walked up Gloom Mountain on what may be the most hot and humid morning of any October I can remember.

Warm up
SSH x 30
Little baby arm circles x 15 front and back
Merkins x 15
LBC’s x 50
3 lap Indian run


Gloom Mountain Yoke Walk
2 PAX each grab a heavy log and hold it over head (or on shoulders), while they each run, jog, or walk up Gloom Mountain.  The other PAX will be alternating between various merkins and various ab workouts.

Rotate PAX and send two more up Gloom Mountain when other two PAX return.

When the two PAX return down Gloom Mountain, they will each grab a lighter log and do calf raises with log across shoulders


Split PAX into two groups
Indian Log Carry up Gloom Mountain
First PAX passes log and sprints to front of line
Proceed until group reaches top of Gloom Mountain, then one PAX volunteers to yoke walk log back down with group in tow

Incline lunges
Incline bounds
Flutter kicks
American hammer x 25 each side

Cool Down
Plank to “Be Our Guest”
Full body stretch


Gloom Mountain – 10/2/17

12 PAX gathered in the gloom to kick off their October with some body building.  With music already playing as we assembled on the cherished AstroTurf playground, the Star Wars “Imperial March” was this Q’s que to start a quick warm up to last through that piece.
Imperial Walkers > Ray Lewis > Arm Circles each way

Stations were set up along the length of one side of the turf playground. At each cone an index card specified a workout.
1. Merkins
2. Pick up rock (overhead)…put rock down
3. Kick backs with bricks
4. Bicep curls with 20 lb dumbbells
5. Flutter Kicks
7. Bent over rows with 30 lb GoRUCK plate
8. LBCs
9. Overhead (military) presses with 30 lb dumbbells
10.Sprint to other side of playground and back
11.Side Straddle Hop
12.Burpee stick

File Oct 02, 10 21 13 PM

With tunes playing, men took up stations and performed each exercise until the man at the SQUATS station (who was heads up and facing the line) chose to say “shift” at which time everyone shifted to the right and took up the next exercise.  We did this for about 42 minutes. It was work.

The PAX endured an eclectic mix (visible to iTunes users here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/playlist/jocktoberfest-10-2-17/idpl.u-LdbqzRmuxEAZ4z )  that included Colourmusic, Shannon, Imagine Dragons, Chaka Khan, Joy Division, Iggy Pop, Foster the People, Madonna, Bleachers, and Teena Marie’s “Lead Me On”.

Prayer requests, announcements, and Tinactin prayed over us.  To YHC it felt like a fun morning – something a bit different to kick off October.



Your Moment Is Now 9/17/2017 – Gloom Mountain

12 PAX, including 1 FNG, conquered Gloom Mountain this morning.

Tinactin, Snare, Knots, Default, Barney Fife, Sloss, Edge, The Donald, Happy, Franklin, Ping, and welcome FNG – Jesse

Warm up
SSH x 30
Arm circles x 15 x 2
Ray Lewis x 30
Raise the roof x 30
Imperial walkers x 15

3 lap Indian run
Diamond merkin x 10
Clap merkin x 10
Decline merkin x 10
Incline merkin x 10

Mosey to Gloom mountain
50 American hammers
Run up and down Gloom Mountain
50 lbc’s
Run up and down Gloom Mountain
50 bicycles
Run up and down Gloom Mountain

Mosey to turf

Flutter kicks
Squats x 40
Al Gore 15 seconds each
2 legs, right leg, left leg
Lunges across turf and sprint back x 2

Cool Down
Plank to “Can’t Wait to be King”
Full body stretch