12/16/17 – Where thanks was giving and the forbidden workout was done

It was a crisp morning with frost on the ground as the Pax took to the field at the Vulcan. A decent crew had already rucked up to the Vulcan and back and were ready to get going. YHC measured the size of the Pax and was again inspired by how quickly the F3 ethos has been taken up by the men of the Birmingham area.


Like all Bham workouts; we started with some side-straddle hops; x 30

Ray Lewis x 30

Squats x 25

Burpees x 20

Little baby arm circles x 30

Tinactin showed up at this point, and not to let him feel left out, we did another 15 Burpees

The Thang

Mosey’d around the park and then did a Dirty McDeuce (courtesy of F3 New Orleans)

One quick run around the park followed by

-Merkins x 12

-Squats x 12

-LBCs x 12

We did this 3 times; with each set of arms, legs and abs afterwards

Upon the completion of the Dirty McDeuce, we did one set of Jack Webbs. With our arms sore we then mosey’d to the Amphitheater. 20 sets of step ups and dips later we took our turn at the stairs. 20 jump ups for everyone and then I recommended wheelbarrows up the stairs. I was then informed that this was a “forbidden” workout. YHC measured up the Pax and decided that if anyone could do a forbidden workout, they could. So we partnered up and went up the amphitheater in wheelbarrow fashion. My conscience then got the best of me and instead of risking injury to the Pax, I decided that partnered suicides in the Cage would be a better pursuit.

Suicides with a partner, partner in turn did Merkins, Squats, and LBCs while the other did a suicide. At completion, we did a plank waterfall and then some Mary with flutter kicks, American Hammers and Iron Tribe sit ups.

To finish the workout, the reigning duck walk jousting champion Pickle called out the Pax for challengers and he was met with enthusiasm. Pickle defended his title well, but ultimately lost out at the end.

Name-O-Rama was performed appropriately and new FNG Schiano was welcomed into the fold.

At this point, Rabbit took a moment to commemorate all the work and effort Fife and Scam have done this year to give it away to the men of Birmingham. Honor boxes were given and I can only reiterate how much a appreciate those men investing in F3 and this community. Scam also had some incredibly  nice Xmas gifts for the Pax which were given out at the end of workout.


The best part of the workout, coffeeteeria was well-attended.

Thanks again Fife and Scam.