Gloom Mountain Millennial

Scene: Wednesday 7.24.19 0530 hrs
AO: Gloom Mountain
Count: 14
PAX: Quivr, Camisole, Johnny, Bates, Sheepdog, Swamp, Saturn, TechDeck, The Donald, Freeloader, Tinactin, Fabio, Switzer, Dunlop
QIC: Dunlop

F3 Bingo madness was in full swing here toward the end of July, and a much needed “Free Space” for a Q at a new AO turned into a Millennial of Pain up on ole Gloom Mountain. Here’s how it all happened:


  • SSH x30 IC
  • Willie Mays x15 IC
  • Mountain Climbers x20 IC
  • 60second Arm Circles (T-plank Left AC x15 IC, roll to six, LBC x25 IC, roll to T-plank Right AC x15 IC, roll to Merkin x25)


(P1 runs up and down Gloom Mtn, P2 exercises, swap, rinse and repeat till all reps complete)

  • Pullups x50
  • Merkins x100
  • Squats x150

MOSEY to Field… Time for the MILLENNIAL
(All PAX perform exercise x100 reps OYO, first PAX to 100 shouts out and all PAX Sprint 100yds for next exercise… total of 1000yds and 1000reps)

  • Lunges x100
  • American Hammers x100
  • Merkins x100
  • Squats x100
  • LBCs x100
  • Mountain Climbers x100
  • Flutter Kicks x100
  • Raise the Roof x100
  • WWII Sit-ups x100 (Modified to x50 for time)
  • Burpees x100 (Modified to Burpee Waterfall x10 per PAX)


  • Quick Word for the Day: Don’t focus only on building physical muscles, take time to strengthen your spiritual muscles daily as well
  • Name-O-Rama
  • Announcements: Dad’s Camp 2019, Dad’s Camp and Merkin Challenge shirt pre-orders
  • Prayer
  • LEAD on 3!

Cover Your Six – Gloom Mountain – 7/23/2018

16 PAX posted for a cadence, count, and cover your six tutorial.

Warm Up

SSHx 30 in cadence

Willie Mays x 15 in cadence

Ray Lewis x 25 in cadence

LBC’s x 50

The Six

Mosey to Simmons and back to

Gloom Mountain making sure to go back for the 6

Merkins x 25

Flutter Kicks x 25 in cadence

Sumo Squats x 35

LBC’s x 50

Merkins x 25

Gloom Mountain x 5 – first finishers go back and get the 6’s and finish with them

Side shoulder raises x 30 in cadence

Front shoulder raises x 30 in cadence 

Merkins x 25

Flutter Kicks x 25 in cadence

Sumo Squats x 35

LBC’s x 50

Merkins x 25

Beer crawl gloom mountain

Burpee waterfall (3 Burpees)

Plank to “for the first time in forever”

Gloom Mountain – 6/11/2018 – Spider-Man

19 PAX posted at Gloom Mountain for a Spider-Man Dora.  Welcome FNG’s Tumbler & Chubbs

Warm Up

SSH x 30 in cadence

Merkins x 20 

Willie Mays x 20 in cadence

Michael Phelps x 10 in cadence 

Merkins x 20

Squats x 40

Merkins x 20

Mosey to the track

1 mile Indian Run

Mosey to basketball courts and partner up

Spider-Man Dora

100 Merkins

150 Squats

Bear Crawl Dora

200 LBC’s

Burpee-Hops Dora

50 Merkins

sprint up and down Gloom Mountain

10 merkins and 20 LBC’s 

Plank to “you’ll be in my heart”

5 merkins 

Sunrise Stretch 

Burnout – Gloom Mountain – 3/21/2018

13 PAX posted for a burnout special with Ping

Warm Up
SSH x 30 in cadence
Burpees x 15
Willie Mays x 20 in cadence
Ray Lewis x 20 in cadence
Up Downs x 10

Burnout Session
5 Lap Indian Run
Merkin Burnout (50)
1 Lap Mosey
Dip Burnout (50)
1 Lap Mosey
Squat Burnout (100 with 10 second Al Gore at the end)
3 x Run up Gloom Mountain
Mosey To Turf
Little Baby Crunch Burnout (100)
Big Boy Sit Up Burnout (50)
Lunge Across Turf x 2

Plank to “The Longest Time”
Sunrise Stretch

No Theme

Gloom Mountain, Hoover, Febuary 21

No Theme today; just work.  10 PAX gathered in humid 68 degree February air.  An anticipated FNG (that some of you met in the parking lot after the Braveheart Race) no-showed.  However, he actually did post today, at Gwin….at 5:30 p.m.  True story.

IC Prisoner Squats
IC Ray Lewis
IC Imperial Walkers
SC Slow Merkins 1-2-3 Count
IC Hello Dolly
IC Shoulder Taps
SC The Sparrow (this became a “thing” quickly)
10 Squat Jumps OYO

Double Lap Indian Run passing a soccer ball (that’s just a warm up for something Franklin has planned for Monday)

Bear Crawl up Gloom Hollow with new twist: burpee for the 6 at the bottom
Lunge up Gloom Hollow: big boy sit ups for the 6 at the bottom

At the benches…
Alternating sets of dips and decline merkins. I heard plenty of groaning during this.

At the bottom of the school bus parking lot (down past the tennis courts)…
Altogether sprint to the top. At the top we did some stuff. Rinse and repeat 3x.

I had some more, but looked forward to getting back to circle near the flag for a little PAX CHOICE to wrap it up.

Announcements, namo-rama, Guy prayed us out.

A reminder to PAX at announcement time: FNG naming rights & responsibility belongs to that workout’s Q.  Asking for suggestions is perfectly acceptable. However, the Q calls it. This also means that if a guy gets a humdrum nickname, the Q bears full responsibility for it. So think hard and be creative.


Fife out.



Ping’s Rain and Pain – 12/20/2017

8 PAX braved the downpour for some pain sprints at Gloom Mountian

Warm Up
SSH x 30
Willie Mays x 20
Imperial Walkers x 15
Ray Lewis x 20
Little Baby Arm Circles x 15 front and back

Indian run around the parking lot

Sprint workout
Do workout x 10 then sprint across parking lot. Repeat until 50 reps completed.
1. Merkins
2. Burpees
3. Big Boy Sit Ups
4. Shoulder Taps (in cadence)
5. LBC’s (x20 instead of 10 to 100)
6. Sprints until Q says stop

Cool Down
Plank Workout to “A Spoonful of Sugar”
Sunrise Stretch

12/16/17 – Where thanks was giving and the forbidden workout was done

It was a crisp morning with frost on the ground as the Pax took to the field at the Vulcan. A decent crew had already rucked up to the Vulcan and back and were ready to get going. YHC measured the size of the Pax and was again inspired by how quickly the F3 ethos has been taken up by the men of the Birmingham area.


Like all Bham workouts; we started with some side-straddle hops; x 30

Ray Lewis x 30

Squats x 25

Burpees x 20

Little baby arm circles x 30

Tinactin showed up at this point, and not to let him feel left out, we did another 15 Burpees

The Thang

Mosey’d around the park and then did a Dirty McDeuce (courtesy of F3 New Orleans)

One quick run around the park followed by

-Merkins x 12

-Squats x 12

-LBCs x 12

We did this 3 times; with each set of arms, legs and abs afterwards

Upon the completion of the Dirty McDeuce, we did one set of Jack Webbs. With our arms sore we then mosey’d to the Amphitheater. 20 sets of step ups and dips later we took our turn at the stairs. 20 jump ups for everyone and then I recommended wheelbarrows up the stairs. I was then informed that this was a “forbidden” workout. YHC measured up the Pax and decided that if anyone could do a forbidden workout, they could. So we partnered up and went up the amphitheater in wheelbarrow fashion. My conscience then got the best of me and instead of risking injury to the Pax, I decided that partnered suicides in the Cage would be a better pursuit.

Suicides with a partner, partner in turn did Merkins, Squats, and LBCs while the other did a suicide. At completion, we did a plank waterfall and then some Mary with flutter kicks, American Hammers and Iron Tribe sit ups.

To finish the workout, the reigning duck walk jousting champion Pickle called out the Pax for challengers and he was met with enthusiasm. Pickle defended his title well, but ultimately lost out at the end.

Name-O-Rama was performed appropriately and new FNG Schiano was welcomed into the fold.

At this point, Rabbit took a moment to commemorate all the work and effort Fife and Scam have done this year to give it away to the men of Birmingham. Honor boxes were given and I can only reiterate how much a appreciate those men investing in F3 and this community. Scam also had some incredibly  nice Xmas gifts for the Pax which were given out at the end of workout.


The best part of the workout, coffeeteeria was well-attended.

Thanks again Fife and Scam.


Gloom Mountain – 10/2/17

12 PAX gathered in the gloom to kick off their October with some body building.  With music already playing as we assembled on the cherished AstroTurf playground, the Star Wars “Imperial March” was this Q’s que to start a quick warm up to last through that piece.
Imperial Walkers > Ray Lewis > Arm Circles each way

Stations were set up along the length of one side of the turf playground. At each cone an index card specified a workout.
1. Merkins
2. Pick up rock (overhead)…put rock down
3. Kick backs with bricks
4. Bicep curls with 20 lb dumbbells
5. Flutter Kicks
7. Bent over rows with 30 lb GoRUCK plate
8. LBCs
9. Overhead (military) presses with 30 lb dumbbells
10.Sprint to other side of playground and back
11.Side Straddle Hop
12.Burpee stick

File Oct 02, 10 21 13 PM

With tunes playing, men took up stations and performed each exercise until the man at the SQUATS station (who was heads up and facing the line) chose to say “shift” at which time everyone shifted to the right and took up the next exercise.  We did this for about 42 minutes. It was work.

The PAX endured an eclectic mix (visible to iTunes users here: )  that included Colourmusic, Shannon, Imagine Dragons, Chaka Khan, Joy Division, Iggy Pop, Foster the People, Madonna, Bleachers, and Teena Marie’s “Lead Me On”.

Prayer requests, announcements, and Tinactin prayed over us.  To YHC it felt like a fun morning – something a bit different to kick off October.



Your Moment Is Now 9/17/2017 – Gloom Mountain

12 PAX, including 1 FNG, conquered Gloom Mountain this morning.

Tinactin, Snare, Knots, Default, Barney Fife, Sloss, Edge, The Donald, Happy, Franklin, Ping, and welcome FNG – Jesse

Warm up
SSH x 30
Arm circles x 15 x 2
Ray Lewis x 30
Raise the roof x 30
Imperial walkers x 15

3 lap Indian run
Diamond merkin x 10
Clap merkin x 10
Decline merkin x 10
Incline merkin x 10

Mosey to Gloom mountain
50 American hammers
Run up and down Gloom Mountain
50 lbc’s
Run up and down Gloom Mountain
50 bicycles
Run up and down Gloom Mountain

Mosey to turf

Flutter kicks
Squats x 40
Al Gore 15 seconds each
2 legs, right leg, left leg
Lunges across turf and sprint back x 2

Cool Down
Plank to “Can’t Wait to be King”
Full body stretch

Gloom Mountain – Sept 6th. Get Swoll with Death by Merkins

10 men hit Gloom Mountain this morning for a little pre-dawn workout. YHC met the group around the shovel flag at 0515 and we welcomed an unaccompanied FNG, now known as Knots, to our group.

Warm-up: We mosey’d to the turf and started our standard warmup

Side-straddle hops – 20

Squats – 20

Mountain Climbers – 20

Merkins – 20

We then jogged a lap to make sure the blood was flowing before heading back to the parking lot to begin the meat of the work-out.

Incline Merkins – 20

Decline Merkins – 20

Dips – 20

We then mosey’d back to the turf for a little relay race. The group was split in half and for some reason, the fastest five guys were on one team and the slowest five on the other. We then did a relay race down and back across the turf while the others held a plank. The losing team, which included YHC, then was rewarded with 20 burpees. The other guys just did some LBCs. We finished the racing round with a round of 10 Jack Webbs.

We then hit the track again for a 2 lap indian run, followed by pull-ups and dips on the playground, 20 a piece. Once completed, the light was finally starting to the hit the mountain so we cooled off with a Jacob’s Ladder on Gloom Mountain.

10 Merkins at the base, followed by a run up the mountain and back, 8 Merkins and a repeat run, following this pattern until we were down to 0.

Once everyone had spent some time on the hill, we mosey’d back to the turf and finished with “Death by Merkins” led by none other than the Donald. I think he got to 50. I only got to 24.

Name-O-Rama and the naming of our newest PAX at Gloom Mountain, F3 Knots. He put in a strong effort and I have a feeling he will be back for more.

Off to San Francisco for the weekend, se you guys next week.