Head for the Hills

Scene: Wednesday 10.2.19 0530 hrs
AO: Mudd Town
Count: 19
PAX: Ping, Billpay, Beach Boy, Wrong Turn, Clover, Spinnaker, Dingo, Nickelback, Wormer, MeowMeow, Fudd, Folgers, Birkie, Slocumb, Bessy, Wrigley, Swifty, Frigidaire, Dunlop
QIC: Dunlop

Still way to stinking hot for the beginning of October, mid- to upper-70s at time of workout with highs at or above 100 degrees. YHC can’t wait for cooler temps! Enough complaining about the heat… 19 PAX headed for the hills to scale PAX Peak with a Jacob’s Ladder Dora and a Crawl Bear Jack Webb… here’s how the mountain moving went:


Motivator x10
Mountain Climbers x15 IC
Imperial Squat Walkers x15 IC
Plank Jacks x25 IC
Merkins x25



PAX Partner Up
P1 runs up PAX Peak, does increasing # of Burpees at top, runs down
P2 does exercise reps until P1 returns, swap, rinse and repeat until all reps complete:

  • 50 Incline / 50 Decline Merkins
  • 100 LBC / 100 Hammers
  • 150 Jump Squats / 150 Jump Lunges


  • All PAX crawl bear uphill till Q shouts STOP
  • Perform 1 Merkin & 2 Raise the Roofs
  • Crawl bear uphill until the next shout of STOP
  • Perform 2 Merkins & 4 Raise the Roofs
  • Rinse and repeat in 1:2 ratio to 10 Merkins & 20 Raise the Roofs
  • Last Round performed at top of PAX Peak

INDIAN RUN back to Flag

30 Flutter Kicks IC
10 Crunchy Frogs IC


  • Quick Word for the Day: YHC humbly expressed appreciation to all the PAX for their friendship, encouragement and support… reflected on shift in perspective from self to brother on each flank
  • Name-O-Rama
  • Announcements: Special Sunday Workout on 10/6/19 at The Stadium to host Gobbler from F3 Pittsburgh, Unofficial Sunday Ruck Group
  • Prayer
  • LEAD on 3!

Extra Value Meal of Pain

Scene: Monday 7.29.19 0530 hrs
AO: Mudd Town
Count: 16
PAX: Sonnie, Beach Boy, Wormer, Edge, Instacart, Planters, MeowMeow, Fudd, Slocumb, Spinnaker, Wrong Turn, Bessy, Woody, Happy, Birkie, Dunlop
QIC: Dunlop

Monday, end of July, slightly cooler than normal, and 16 jacked PAX chowed down on their Monday morning with an Extra Value Meal of Pain… here’s what was on the menu:


  • SSH x30 IC
  • Willie Mays x15 IC
  • Imperial Squat Walkers x20 IC
  • Bat Wings (Seal Claps x15 IC, Overhead Claps x15 IC, LBAC Forward x15, LBAC Backward x15)
  • Plank Jacks x25
  • Merkins x30


2 lines for Bataan Death March (Indian Run + 5 burpees) down to Veterans Park playground… 4-COUNT NUGGETS (PAX number off by 4s):

  • Nugget 1 – Pull ups x20 on monkey bars
  • Nugget 2 – Box jumps x30 on picnic table benches
  • Nugget 3 – Dips x50 on picnic table benches
  • Nugget 4 – Calf raises x75 on curb

Mosey to uphill side of large green field… QUARTER POUNDER:

  • Downhill Sprint 25yds (1st cone),
  • Merkins x25,
  • Uphill Bernie Sanders 25yds back to start.
  • Downhill Sprint 50yds (2nd cone),
  • American Hammers (2-count) x50,
  • Uphill Bernie Sanders 50yds back to start.
  • Downhill Sprint 75yds (3rd cone),
  • Squats x75,
  • Uphill Bernie Sanders 75yds back to start.
  • Downhill Sprint 100yds (4th cone),
  • LBCs x100
  • Uphill Bernie Sanders 100yds back to start.

Mosey back down hill… circle up for ABSOLUTION for dessert:

  • 8-count Groiner, Mahktar N’Diayes, and Chilly Jack x16 IC
  • Each PAX took turn counting, but all PAX did all reps

2 lines for Iron Mike Indian Run (Indian Run + 10 Iron Mikes) back to parking lot… Cool down with ATMs:

  • Shoulder Taps x15 IC
  • Tempo Merkins x10 IC
  • Fast Merkins x10


  • Quick Word for the Day: Every one of us knows someone who needs this… give F3 away! Be on lookout for SadClown’s to Headlock… “The FNG is the lifeblood of F3” (Scam quote)
  • Name-O-Rama
  • Announcements: Dad’s Camp 2019, Dad’s Camp and Merkin Challenge shirt pre-orders
  • Prayer
  • LEAD on 3!